How to Make the Most of Your 401(k)

US-based companies often invest some payment components for their employees in particular tax-friendly Retirement Plans offered by different financial institutions. The reason is, that such deposits, subject to certain conditions, are not to be considered as income and therefore not to be taxed. For the popular 401(k) the employee agrees on a certain part of his loan not to be paid out but to be invested in a savings plan, the employer often agrees on increasing the deposits.

Our Service for the Best Possible 401(k) Plan in a Nutshell:

  • 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored plan, a step up from the SIMPLE PLAN and is more flexible and user-friendly for both employer and employee.
  • We offer backroom operational uploads in order to reduce the workload of your staff
  • We conduct on-site meetings ourselves

Most people have a 401(k) that's provided by their employer, but they don't invest because they don't know, they don't have the financial education, they don't have people holding their hand, they don't have someone doing an asset allocation for them. What we will do is, we will come in and do all 3 things.

We will:

  • Educate them
  • Hold their hand
  • Provide them with the knowledge that they need to make an intelligent decision on how to plan on a pre-tax basis with their employee‘s plan for retirement

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