Estate Settlement

The greatest gift you can give your heirs is a written and known plan. When the time comes to settle a loved one's estate, you will be asked to make major decisions. After a family member passes, the healing process takes time and preoccupies your thoughts. When the time comes to settle their estate, the decisions you make could have either a positive or negative effect on the well-being of the heirs.

"The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else."
Carson McCuller

Professional Consulting on Estate Settlement

It is very important to be able to rely on a professional advisor to handle your financial affairs. The time to establish a trusting relationship with an advisor is before the passing of a family member occurs. Some of these decisions will be common sense and relatively simple for a person in the right frame of mind.

Some will be more complex, time-consuming and frustrating. Others will just be overlooked. All of them will be made during the grieving process when you are most vulnerable to mistakes and unwanted solicitations.

Plan B offers guidance through this event by providing a layer of security between you and the estate settlement issues that require your full attention. We will completely support you with your estate settlement, process the paperwork, create a written summary report and coordinate transactions with the other advisors involved with the estate.

We take care of all your needs while taking care of you.

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