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Are you looking for personal financial planners? Would you like to improve your financial relationship? Do you wish for an optimization of your personal financial situation? We are happy that you happen to have come across the website of Plan B Investments Inc. in Pasadena.

Meet Martin P. O'Malley, Jr.

And many other financial services in Pasadena such as:

We offer a highly personalized approach to professional and financial services.

With Plan B Investments in Pasadena, you get a complete financial relationship. We advise clients on ALL of life's financial transitions. We assess your financial risk tolerance and then discuss investments, insurances, mortgages, evolving family needs and essentially everything pertaining to finances.

Much more than a financial advisor – Plan B Investments acts as a coach and a voice of reason!

We make sure that our clients make smart choices in what can be a confusing and volatile economic environment.

At the end of the day, it's all about your quality of life!

Maintaining your quality of life is the ultimate goal in our view. Your hard earned money should be managed properly so that you may enjoy life to its fullest.

PLAN B INVESTMENTS, INC. offers two levels of services to achieve your ultimate goal!

As financial planners, we review your current plan (having a plan in our view is a plan for success) and offer a Plan B Road Map to achieve your optimum goals. Whether your goal is saving for college, a comfortable retirement or estate planning, a sensible and realistic financial plan is essential.

As financial advisors, we will employ an investment plan funded with the most suitable and economically feasible instruments. We assist you in discovering your risk tolerance at which time a "risk budget" can be established, keeping the volatility within your pre-determined comfort zone.

You choose the level of guidance that works for you. We can take the complexities out of retirement and legacy planning. We believe everyone should have a PLAN B in every aspect of one's life.

Financial and Operational Principal's License (FINOP)

  • Fully independent broker/dealer
  • Martin acting as a FINOP
  • Allowed to own a broker/dealer (nobody in between you and us, Plan B)
  • I work for you, not for the firm.
  • We are a fiduciary

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Registered Investment Advisor
CA Ins. Lic. #0760229

Martin P. O'Malley, Jr